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Good friends, Good wine, Good times.

September 13, 2007

My attempt at baking Challah yesterday went… Ok. 

Without wishing to be a bad bad craftsman and blame my tools, I do rather wonder if this is one of those things where having something along the lines of “Grandmother’s recipe” that has been tried and tested over years, rather than one you randomly pulled off the internet, would have been advantageous. 

In the evening my best friend had a meal for Rosh Hashanah, so I trotted over to her place with my Challah, which despite being rather flat in comparison to the pretty pictures on the website, it went down well and got all eaten up!  All in all a lovely evening- lots and lots of delicious food was consumed, much wine was drunk, and the conversations tended to be along the lines of those great twisty pathways of random thoughts where you suddenly wonder how on earth you ended talking about such-and-such.  We were all good little girls and helped her clean up after, and I even got to bed at a suitable hour because most of them had to be up for work this morning.

Today is meant to be a day of chores and sorting things out, but I’ve just noticed it is 11am and I’m still in pyjamas and drinking my coffee… Somehow I don’t think The Shrink is going to be very impressed with me!

Medicgirl x


Keeping your eye on the finish line…

July 12, 2007

It has come to my attention that there are just some things that I cannot run out of my system, and as such, work has taken a distinct back seat this week while I sort out other things. 

I’ve given myself until Saturday morning to be annoying.

an·noy·ing [uhnoi-ing]
Ignoring the pile of work by your desk, listening to certain songs, eating your feelings and being far too introspective for your own good.

Luckily there have been enough revision sessions and clinics that I’ve had to attend, so I’ve not slacked off entirely;  definately a good thing given how exams are now looming and I’ve got a shocking amount of work to get through.

Medicgirl x

An awkward moment.

June 26, 2007

Those that know me in real life would be able to attest to the fact that I am a rather stressy person.  My mother kindly described me this morning as being volatile (Gee- thanks!) and having extreme swings of emotion- this is true; I tend to be very stressed, or very happy, or very sad, and not much in the middle.  However, I do have one non-destructive card up my sleeve to deal with it; I may comfort eat, and drown my sorrows with alcohol (make mine a gin and tonic) as well as the next person, but none of those are as effective as running. 

Yesterday I went running twice.  This is highly unusual for me, for despite being stressy, I am also very very lazy.  However, I was so jumpy, and so angry and upset, as well as being stressed about work, that I had to to try and burn off the energy. 

I promise I’m going somewhere with this.  [later edit: Although on finishing I’m aware it’s a bit random and didn’t really anywhere good at all- so don’t get your hopes up.]

If no one is in when I go running, I tie my keys to my drawstring , and so that they don’t chink annoyingly, I then tuck the keys just into the top of my knickers inside my shorts.  This is surprisingly effective, and I’ve not yet had a problem with it… until yesterday.  In my haste to get out of the flat and burn off my emotions (I’d just had a minor row with flatmate) I must have tied it badly, because half way along the first stretch of my route I become aware of the keys, which I never usually am. 

There is a chink.

And then I realise keys have well and truely worked their way free and are now IN MY PANTS. Great. 
I slow to a stop, and look around- alas there are a lot of people wandering around, including many small children with their AuPair (Around where I live, it’s rarely the parents with children) and I don’t fancy being the strange girl with her hands in her knickers.  I walk along nonchalantly waiting for everyone to disperse, and then SWISH! quick as a flash I whip the keys out and tie them really really really tightly back onto my shorts before running on. 

Needless to say when I went running today, I made damn sure my keys were secure before I left.