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This small town…

October 31, 2007

A friend once said that he would never be able to live in London because it was so big and anonymous; he said he liked his small university town where you couldn’t walk from one side to the other without meeting someone you knew.

Although this is a big city, the fact remains that most students (and especially most medical students) live within a certain area between the three main hospital sites.  It is rare for me to walk home, or wander down one of the main high streets, without at least seeing someone that I acknowledge.

On this note, even though I see people I know a lot, and even though a number of my best friends live on the same walk into University… HOW COME I never bump into them, and instead have to make weird small talk with someone I went to school with and didn’t really like even then?

And also- why, oh WHY do I never bump into Cutemedicboy?!

Medicgirl x


Parcel-rack 1… London Medicgirl 0

September 23, 2007

Last night started pleasantly- a film, baileys, sitting around chatting listening to music. Little did I know then that it would end… well… not so good.

The first hint of disaster was the phonecall from my friend’s  mother, asking if he could pick her up. Now this was awkward, as she didn’t know I was there, and lets just say I have reason to believe that I may not be her favourite person in the world.  Still, we laughed, got in the car, and headed over there.  Once in the dingy carpark somewhere in the wilds of London, I said hello, and had a nice little awkward conversation before setting about transfering boxes from one car to the other.

Enter Mr Parcel-rack, deciding to fall down just as I lent forwards.  Initially I was in pain, but more concerned that my glasses may have been damaged (This always happens- I’ll probably eventually go, exsanquinating on the road somewhere, panicking that my glasses might have been scratched), but when my friend goes “Oh my god, you’re bleeding!” I realise I have blood all over my hands. Nice.

We slap tissue on my face which I clamp to the bleeding, and head home so I can get ice on it, and have a better look in the mirror. It is also at this point that my mother, about 300 miles away and therefore unable to do anything, gets a tearful little phonecall from her daughter asking if she should go to A+E.  If I’d been in the company of other medics, I would have got them to look at it, clean it, and steri-strip it, but alas I was not. So off we trot to spend the rest of the evening in the hospital.

Once there we could not for the life of us work out how to get to A+E (bare in mind we are one-post grad, and one medical student).  It didn’t help that all the signs point out into a deserted lot! However, a physio came striding by, kindly took pity on us and ushered us in the back way before depositing us at reception where I answer such questions as “Who is your next of kin?” You know, just incase my teeny cut turns out to be life threatening.

My friend also got a filthy look from one of the receptionists, which he was convinced meant she thought he did it. I reassured him that it was probably more likely that she didn’t like his face.

We then sat in the waiting room, ice still clamped to my face, and waited.  The place was pretty busy, and given that I have friends in high places, I thought to ring one of them. 

LMG: Hey, it’s LMG, I’m in A+E with a cut on my nose.
Paramedicboy: Which one?
LMG: Londonblahdebleugh
Paramedicboy: Weird, I was there 10 minutes ago.
LMG: Anyway, I was wondering if I should stay and get it checked or bin it off… *describes cut*
Paramedicboy: Open it up, have a look how deep it is, clean it out, steristrip it.
LMG: I don’t have any of that stuff though…
Paramedicboy: I thought you said you were in A+E?
LMG: Yeah, but as a normal person.
Paramedicboy: Ah.

Given we had no idea how deep the cut was, he advised us to stay.  Luckily, facial cuts seem to be the way to queue-jump and we’d beaten the Saturday night drunken crowd, so we were seen very quickly.  I was cleaned, steristripped, and sent on my way with a surly “You’ll live.”

And I did. 

Medicgirl xxx

Good friends, Good wine, Good times.

September 13, 2007

My attempt at baking Challah yesterday went… Ok. 

Without wishing to be a bad bad craftsman and blame my tools, I do rather wonder if this is one of those things where having something along the lines of “Grandmother’s recipe” that has been tried and tested over years, rather than one you randomly pulled off the internet, would have been advantageous. 

In the evening my best friend had a meal for Rosh Hashanah, so I trotted over to her place with my Challah, which despite being rather flat in comparison to the pretty pictures on the website, it went down well and got all eaten up!  All in all a lovely evening- lots and lots of delicious food was consumed, much wine was drunk, and the conversations tended to be along the lines of those great twisty pathways of random thoughts where you suddenly wonder how on earth you ended talking about such-and-such.  We were all good little girls and helped her clean up after, and I even got to bed at a suitable hour because most of them had to be up for work this morning.

Today is meant to be a day of chores and sorting things out, but I’ve just noticed it is 11am and I’m still in pyjamas and drinking my coffee… Somehow I don’t think The Shrink is going to be very impressed with me!

Medicgirl x

Pre-game warm-up.

September 11, 2007

Life is getting a little more exciting over here at London-medicgirl-towers.

Flatmate has returned from his travels, complete with scraggy beard that we shaved in stages as we documented photographic evidence.  He’s back in clinics again, but his presence is good- it makes me get out of the house and go to the pub (clearly a worthy activity).

1st and 2nd year clinics have started back, so I actually have friends around in London.  Last night the medic bar was very “Old-school” in that it was like being a fresher again- heaving bar, and knowing everyone there. Due to the fact that I’d consumed a considerable amount of wine and cheese with flatmate before heading out, apparently I was a bit “social-butterfly”; by that I mean I was flitting around the room with an attention span of a gnat! Still, it did mean I talked to almost everyone there, and had a fantastic evening.

I think I shall be taking Harry’s advice, and not going overboard on the pre-reading. I am however going to order a book I want on amazon, and do a bit of reading on the areas I find the most interesting.  The timetable for the first week came through the other day, and I am a tad excited now. I have, as far as I can, stalked the other people on the course through facebook: no one I know, but hopefully everyone will be nice!  At the end of the day I have a lot of good friends already, so all I really NEED are people to have decent conversations with over coffee!

Society things have started up again in preparation for freshers week and the enticement of new meat into the group- I have been entrusted with doing various jobs due to my status of not-being-in-clinics so that should keep me occupied for a few days.

I should probably be off to bed; all these late nights have left me rather tired, and I need to be up early in the morning to attempt to bake Challah!

Medicgirl x

What to do with all this TIME.

September 7, 2007

I’m feeling rather adrift.

I have been home; Not only have we had the customary week of the summer where relatives descend en masse to my parents house, I’ve been taken out to dinner in order to celebrate, I have sorted out finances, and even got through the conversation where I told my parents I was returning to London because I was bored out of my skull.  I have survived, even enjoyed myself a little, and returned.

I am still bored out of my skull.

Most of my friends are now either medics or graduates- the graduates are all back home or scattered around doing grown up things like moving in together and getting jobs, and the medics are all off in sunnier climes preparing for the start of clinics again on monday.  I still have two weeks before my BSc starts- I am tempted to actually start reading for my dissertation now, because, well- why the hell not?  I know what I want to do,  it’ll be interesting, and I’ll sure appreciate it when it gets to Christmas and I’ve already started it! (Yes, I know- geek.)

I’m actually a little wary about doing my BSc- I’m excited because it’s something I know I’ll love academically, but I’m in the bizzare situation where all of my long-term friends here are either 4th years now, or just starting clinics.  I guess what it boils down to is I feel a little fish-out-of-water, and I’m concerned I’m not going to make friends- which is stupid, because I generally find it easy to do so.

Ah well, today I am going to meet my sister for coffee, and then we’re hitting the shops so she can use my student discounts!

Medicgirl xxx

ps. It has been asked what BSc I’m doing- I’m currently holding out on answering, as even in a medical school as large as ours, it will pretty much blow my cover!  I would like to request though, that if at any point any of my readers work out who I am- they respect my attempted anonymity.

8 Things about London MedicGirl

September 3, 2007

A long time ago, I was tagged by DoctorScientist, I’ve finally remembered and got around to doing this so here are my 8 Things. Or rather, here are my 8 things that unless you know me very well indeed shouldn’t be too telling as to who-I-really-am.

1.  I hark from the country; grew up on a farm, and as a child was magnetically attracted to mud, water, and grime.

2.  When I was little I used to avoid putting my clothes away properly by doing sensible things like… stuffing them in the drawer and then carefully laying things over the top to make it look neat, or once even lifting up my mattress and carefully placing said clothes there (I know, even I’m raising an eyebrow at my bizzare childhood logic).

3.  Also when I was younger I once crawled under my bed and scrawled on the slats in lipstick. Alas I decided the scrawl looked like a wolf and from then on was scared of going under my bed.

4. I have secret names for people.  Sometimes these are so I can chat about said people in public with other friends, sometimes the names are secretsecret names only in my head.

5.  I listen to songs on repeat.

6.  I want my last meal on earth to be macaroni cheese.

7.  I make amazing scones (seriously, I’m renowned amoungst my family and friends for it). I also make a damn good pancake.

8.  When I go running I am always a bit worried that someone walking will overtake me whilst I’m running up a hill.  So far this has not happened.

I don’t really do tagging because I have no idea who’s already done this, but go ahead if you want to 🙂 

Medicgirl xxx

London Medicgirl’s Oscar Speech

August 31, 2007

There are a number of people that need to be thanked for their contribution to my successful year;

Firstly, my mother and father– for telling me that they didn’t mind if I failed, and that the 15,000 pounds it would have meant down the drain wasn’t a waste because I’d done so well to get so far (liars, but lovely liars).

My Sister for not complaining about the washing up over exams.

My flatmate, for although he cannot cope when I cry, he is very good at preventing it from happening in the first place.

My revision-friend.  She deserves a LOT of credit; I wouldn’t have passed had it not been for the amount of work we put in, and I certainly wouldn’t have done said work had it not been for not wanting to let her down!

Gin, Baileys, and Amaretto, without which this year would have been very dull, and there would have been much less sleep. (edit- it has come to my attention that perhaps my liver does not wish to thank them.)

And last, but not least, Atopic Law Student who listened to me moan, cry, say I was going to fail, and then dragged me out of the flat when revision got too much (to listen to it all over again).  The only way in which he failed was that he did not provide enough gossip for me to live vicariously through him while I was stuck in my room for weeks!

So thank you to them, and thank you to all of you who keep reading this.

London Medicgirl xxx

LondonMedicGirl Off-Duty.

August 19, 2007

I am not dead.  
Exams came and went; there was stress, evil questions, many mistakes, a long tearful phonecall to motherlondonmedicgirl, and then they were over and we were tumbling from the exam hall, and staggering down the road to the nearest pub in order to tip alcohol down our throats (Make mine a gin and tonic please).

Since then, my life has been somewhat of a social whirl, interspersed with sleeping (preferably at random moments on the day), and eating (fat-coke and crisps to stave off hangovers). 
I have started to tidy my room, and been shopping.
I have treked across london to help out a friend (during which time I was a horrible horrible back-seat driver and flinched a lot and shouted at him).

I am currently sitting in my pyjamas listening to a new CD, and trying to muster the enthusiasm to get up and do useful things like All-the-washing-that-didn’t-get-done-over-exams. 



MedicGirl xxx

London Medicgirl is unwell

July 22, 2007

So it’s been a rather uneventful weekend- I decided that in order to not get spoiled in regards The Last Harry Potter, I should read it ASAP. It therefore made sense to get that out of the way and give up the necessary time to reading it- hang the revision!

So yesterday was spent rather enjoyably curled up in various places in the flat(I found I rotated depending on my mood), and  punctuated by many phone calls to Atopy Law Student to discuss the book as we both read it on our respective sides of the city. 

I then ended up going out for a friends birthday, and much food was consumed, as well as moderate amounts of alcohol, before I bowed out early on the basis of wanting to come home and sleep (and read a bit more). 

This was when things got interesting.

Weirdly- I was fine before- or I thought I was fine at least… but within about half an hour of getting home I felt like death. I felt sick and my eyes were burning… in the end I did actually vomit, which helped slightly, but I was still left with a temperature- shivering and shaking despite being actually boiling hot.  So I did what any self-respecting medic does when her mother is on holiday and her sister is a hypochondriac, I rang a friend that could do nothing about it, and wimpered down the phone to them.  Surprisingly perhaps, despite a distinct lack of medical literature on the subject, it did actually make me feel better, and I managed to get to sleep afterwards.

This morning I felt a little better- but still not right. I’ve spent much of the afternoon napping, and still feel tired. I guess at least my body is having its little tantrum now and not in three weeks time!

Medicgirl x

Keeping your eye on the finish line…

July 12, 2007

It has come to my attention that there are just some things that I cannot run out of my system, and as such, work has taken a distinct back seat this week while I sort out other things. 

I’ve given myself until Saturday morning to be annoying.

an·noy·ing [uhnoi-ing]
Ignoring the pile of work by your desk, listening to certain songs, eating your feelings and being far too introspective for your own good.

Luckily there have been enough revision sessions and clinics that I’ve had to attend, so I’ve not slacked off entirely;  definately a good thing given how exams are now looming and I’ve got a shocking amount of work to get through.

Medicgirl x