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Freshers week for the non-fresher.

October 7, 2007

So, freshers week for me started on the Tuesday- with our Medical Fresher’s Fayre.

Armed with edible goodies we set about trying to entice new meat into the society, and convince them that they really did want to join up!  I actually like the fayre, because despite the fact it is usually held in the most sweaty and humid room of the hospital, it’s a chance to scope out the freshers, and catch up with old friends.

This year we did however forego the three legged pub crawl, and merely retreated to our favourite local pub for drinks while the freshers staggered around the neighbourhood tied to each other and getting progressively more inebriated.

The next morning my course started- needless to say I was a little jaded, but dragged myself in for the customary introductory lectures.

Saturday was a comedy show in the medical student bar- One of my friends was in it, so I was there as moral support (about 1 of 10 non-freshers in a sea of first years!).  Still, for what it lacked at moments in comedy value, it made up for it in spirit and I had a good time- joining them afterwards for drinking that went on long into the night.

Sunday night I rounded up the week with flatmate and old friend, over a pint and a game of cards, in the pub we actually started in on Tuesday.  Alas, despite having had only two days of lectures by this point, I was already behind on the reading…

Medicgirl x


Parcel-rack 1… London Medicgirl 0

September 23, 2007

Last night started pleasantly- a film, baileys, sitting around chatting listening to music. Little did I know then that it would end… well… not so good.

The first hint of disaster was the phonecall from my friend’s  mother, asking if he could pick her up. Now this was awkward, as she didn’t know I was there, and lets just say I have reason to believe that I may not be her favourite person in the world.  Still, we laughed, got in the car, and headed over there.  Once in the dingy carpark somewhere in the wilds of London, I said hello, and had a nice little awkward conversation before setting about transfering boxes from one car to the other.

Enter Mr Parcel-rack, deciding to fall down just as I lent forwards.  Initially I was in pain, but more concerned that my glasses may have been damaged (This always happens- I’ll probably eventually go, exsanquinating on the road somewhere, panicking that my glasses might have been scratched), but when my friend goes “Oh my god, you’re bleeding!” I realise I have blood all over my hands. Nice.

We slap tissue on my face which I clamp to the bleeding, and head home so I can get ice on it, and have a better look in the mirror. It is also at this point that my mother, about 300 miles away and therefore unable to do anything, gets a tearful little phonecall from her daughter asking if she should go to A+E.  If I’d been in the company of other medics, I would have got them to look at it, clean it, and steri-strip it, but alas I was not. So off we trot to spend the rest of the evening in the hospital.

Once there we could not for the life of us work out how to get to A+E (bare in mind we are one-post grad, and one medical student).  It didn’t help that all the signs point out into a deserted lot! However, a physio came striding by, kindly took pity on us and ushered us in the back way before depositing us at reception where I answer such questions as “Who is your next of kin?” You know, just incase my teeny cut turns out to be life threatening.

My friend also got a filthy look from one of the receptionists, which he was convinced meant she thought he did it. I reassured him that it was probably more likely that she didn’t like his face.

We then sat in the waiting room, ice still clamped to my face, and waited.  The place was pretty busy, and given that I have friends in high places, I thought to ring one of them. 

LMG: Hey, it’s LMG, I’m in A+E with a cut on my nose.
Paramedicboy: Which one?
LMG: Londonblahdebleugh
Paramedicboy: Weird, I was there 10 minutes ago.
LMG: Anyway, I was wondering if I should stay and get it checked or bin it off… *describes cut*
Paramedicboy: Open it up, have a look how deep it is, clean it out, steristrip it.
LMG: I don’t have any of that stuff though…
Paramedicboy: I thought you said you were in A+E?
LMG: Yeah, but as a normal person.
Paramedicboy: Ah.

Given we had no idea how deep the cut was, he advised us to stay.  Luckily, facial cuts seem to be the way to queue-jump and we’d beaten the Saturday night drunken crowd, so we were seen very quickly.  I was cleaned, steristripped, and sent on my way with a surly “You’ll live.”

And I did. 

Medicgirl xxx

Pre-game warm-up.

September 11, 2007

Life is getting a little more exciting over here at London-medicgirl-towers.

Flatmate has returned from his travels, complete with scraggy beard that we shaved in stages as we documented photographic evidence.  He’s back in clinics again, but his presence is good- it makes me get out of the house and go to the pub (clearly a worthy activity).

1st and 2nd year clinics have started back, so I actually have friends around in London.  Last night the medic bar was very “Old-school” in that it was like being a fresher again- heaving bar, and knowing everyone there. Due to the fact that I’d consumed a considerable amount of wine and cheese with flatmate before heading out, apparently I was a bit “social-butterfly”; by that I mean I was flitting around the room with an attention span of a gnat! Still, it did mean I talked to almost everyone there, and had a fantastic evening.

I think I shall be taking Harry’s advice, and not going overboard on the pre-reading. I am however going to order a book I want on amazon, and do a bit of reading on the areas I find the most interesting.  The timetable for the first week came through the other day, and I am a tad excited now. I have, as far as I can, stalked the other people on the course through facebook: no one I know, but hopefully everyone will be nice!  At the end of the day I have a lot of good friends already, so all I really NEED are people to have decent conversations with over coffee!

Society things have started up again in preparation for freshers week and the enticement of new meat into the group- I have been entrusted with doing various jobs due to my status of not-being-in-clinics so that should keep me occupied for a few days.

I should probably be off to bed; all these late nights have left me rather tired, and I need to be up early in the morning to attempt to bake Challah!

Medicgirl x

London Medicgirl grows up.

July 19, 2007

Something rather disturbing happened to me tonight; I went over to partner-in-crime’s house- another medic- where we revised for a couple of hours and had supper together before going out for another friend’s birthday drinks.

Maybe it was the tiredness. Maybe it was the stress. But I actually had more fun revising than I did once out…  The upshot being we both left together rather early, much to the chagrin and shock of our colleagues, who are more familiar with a more lively gruesome-twosome.

 Still, watch this space, I’m sure once exams are over I’ll be back to normal.

 Medicgirl x

The final days…

June 5, 2007

For everyone else at least.

Term for the majority of students is over- they are all out getting as drunk as possible, and trying to ignore the fact that results are tomorrow determining whether their summer is ruined and they have the joy of attended The July Club (resits). 
I met up with one such friend the other day for a couple of drinks, and to listen to him stress about whether or not he passed.  Having failed those papers a number of times myself in the past I still couldn’t judge on his performance, but could at least impress upon him that you could do pretty shit on the essay paper and still managed to scrape through the year. Score.  Bet you wanted to hear THAT about your future doctors.

Quick interlude while I tell you a joke.

Q: What do you call a medical student who graduated bottom of their class?
A: Doctor.

Gotta love Pass-fail courses!

So, the end of the last module finished- managed to bring up my mark from the previous block, and have one of my clerkings requested as a proforma for next year (What can I say, my handwriting is neat, and I’m fastidious to the point of obsession with things I hand in).  The firm then spent the afternoon drinking pimms (1st of the year) and gin and tonic in the pub, before agreeing to meet up in the evening for a night of drunken debauchery.

This was our first mistake: never EVER slow down on an afternoon of drinking.
Rookie error. 
I went home, and promptly lost all will to go out. Having promised I did drag myself, and although had a pleasant time- everyone was a little flat; all tired and stress-hungover from the week as well as on a come-down from the earlier drinking. NJ and I kept sniping at each other due to having spent far too much time in each others pockets that week, and in the end I came home early feeling like a small child who’s too tired to do anything but grizzle, tantrum, and be tucked into bed.

This week involves lectures- which is actually a nice break- and I fully intend to utilise the fact that a lot of it goes online and therefore can spend the appropriate amount of time binning off said lectures in favour of shopping, or the park.  Don’t frown at me- this is the last opportunity before I have to spend the majority of the summer in a hospital, or revising…

 Stay posted for more medical-whinging,

 MedicGirl x