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Freshers week for the non-fresher.

October 7, 2007

So, freshers week for me started on the Tuesday- with our Medical Fresher’s Fayre.

Armed with edible goodies we set about trying to entice new meat into the society, and convince them that they really did want to join up!  I actually like the fayre, because despite the fact it is usually held in the most sweaty and humid room of the hospital, it’s a chance to scope out the freshers, and catch up with old friends.

This year we did however forego the three legged pub crawl, and merely retreated to our favourite local pub for drinks while the freshers staggered around the neighbourhood tied to each other and getting progressively more inebriated.

The next morning my course started- needless to say I was a little jaded, but dragged myself in for the customary introductory lectures.

Saturday was a comedy show in the medical student bar- One of my friends was in it, so I was there as moral support (about 1 of 10 non-freshers in a sea of first years!).  Still, for what it lacked at moments in comedy value, it made up for it in spirit and I had a good time- joining them afterwards for drinking that went on long into the night.

Sunday night I rounded up the week with flatmate and old friend, over a pint and a game of cards, in the pub we actually started in on Tuesday.  Alas, despite having had only two days of lectures by this point, I was already behind on the reading…

Medicgirl x


That depressing time of year again…

September 17, 2007

…When your loan is yet to arrive, but you still have to pay your fees to enroll.

 Yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and stop putting it off- I paid my fees and watched the numbers in my lovely little account, which has now stayed in the black for a whole year (I know! I’m not entirely sure how either),  go shooting down into the negatives. 

I then realised that I have bills to pay this week.  Cue mild panic while I try to work out if I can afford to go swimming tomorrow, let alone get my hair cut.  In the end I left a mildly panicked message on my parents answerphone and went for a run to try and exercise out the stress!  On my return, life was a little less stressful, and my parents had kindly rang to offer me a loan for a few weeks to tide me over until all my finances are running properly again.

On a positive note I have now chosen my modules for the next year- and can’t wait.  Only a week until I start again!

Medicgirl x

London Medicgirl defies the odds!

August 24, 2007

At our last exam we’d been told that the exam board met on wednesday and results would be out on thursday. Naturally there was speculation as to WHEN on thursday they would be out, but we all came to the conclusion that it would be around the time they did in March- so about 9.30-10.

Bear in mind we are medical students.

I know I am not the only one who woke up at 5am, as while I supped my coffee and whiled away the hours online, I saw a number of facebook statuses (Yes, I know, I know. I’m a loser) that suggested the same.

Obsessive checking of the emails (on my part) started around 9.

I attempted to watch Grease 2, Ugly Betty, and Friends, but I have a feeling that the world could have been ending out of the front window and I still would have been dashing off to check one-more-time every 2-3 minutes.

I started cursing the Medical School Administration at about 10.

“What are they doing? The lazy &^£^%$ s have been in for an hour!! Don’t they KNOW we’re all panicking.  This is our FUTURE and they’re all having a cup of bloody coffee!”

Other peoples facebook statuses started to get stressed at about 10.30.

To give the medical school credit where credit is due- our administration are actually lovely; even the ones with less of a reputation for kindness have always been friendly and co-operative with me. 

At 11 my mother made me a cup of tea, and I paced around a bit.

On the hour, every hour, I realised everyone was doing what I was doing- thinking “Oh, I bet it’s out NOW!” because the server would suddenly get Alzheimers and go all slow- of course this would immediately make you feel sick, as that usually means you have an email and it’s downloading; today it just meant that 350-odd medical students were checking their emails at exactly the same time.

Results came out at 12.10.

By this time my mother had gone off to do useful things, and my dad had gone out because “All this tension is too much to bear”, so I call my mother into the room as I scan the email, heart in mouth, wanting to vomit.

It is OK.

There are little P’s on the page.

I have not failed.

I do not have to do a directed elective.

I can do a BSc.

I have not wasted £15,000 with nothing to show for it.

I am still a medical student.

I have not come at the top of the year (as if I ever expected to??!!!)  but I am not at the bottom, so although come graduation I may not be working in a good hospital, but at least I will be in a hospital.

This is the point that my dad suddenly magically reappears with a teeny bottle of champagne, so we each have a glass (I’ve not eaten all morning so it goes straight to my head) and then cook lunch; which for me is chips. 

Chips, mayonnaise and champagne.

(A very happy) Medicgirl xxx

What’s worse than a bunch of medics in one room?

July 23, 2007

A bunch of pre-exam medics in one room.

Exam-fever has truely hit the medical school, and as such I am ready to kill the majority of my colleagues. 

No. I do not want to listen to a breakdown of what you’ve revised.
No. I do not want to hear all about what you’ve still got left to do.
No. I do not need to know exactly how you’re going to fit this into the coming weeks, or how much you revised today, or yesterday.

There is one thing that I hate more than post-exam analysis, and that is pre-exam analysis.  So, if you’re one of these culprits… next time your msn list looks surprisingly empty, it may not be because everyone is off revising, it is probably because- like me- everyone has blocked you because they really don’t want to know.

On a lighter note…. I bring you Medicine According To My Sister:

“Nephrology would be exciting. Kidneys are cool- they have all those woogly-things in them.”

Medicgirl x

A very unproductive day…

June 27, 2007

But I’ve probably got an excuse as my sore throat seems to be back.

I have a feeling it must be related to something I’m doing/eating/breathing because it seems to come on without fail on a wednesday; it then gets steadily worse, and I manage to shake it over the weekend by getting a lot of sleep.  I guess it could be psychosomatic, but even that doesn’t make sense as the end of the week is the less stressful bit- and anyway I have small white dots all over the back of my tongue.  Should probably put it down to tiredness. Or excess coffee.  Or a virus. However, if any medically types reading this are struck with the realisation that is probably scary-cancer-of-the-throat, or tropical disease of the throat, or some other rare disease medical students tend to believe they’ve been struck down with, do let me know. 

Despite diagnosing myself with everything under the sun, I actually rarely go to the doctor- probably another medic trait; the last time I think I went, I got told off for not going sooner (The cough I’d been ignoring for a month or so in the end needed two lots of antibiotics to clear).

Anyway, the fluctuating nature of this makes me think I’ll probably throw it off on my own (afterall one wouldn’t want to contribute to the NHS using too many antibiotics).  In the mean time I can have many hours of procratination fun peering down at my tonsils with my desk lamp carefully angled to provide light.  Doing this earlier, I started making scary faces at myself and managed to actually frighten myself. 

Yes. I really am that cool.