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London Medicgirl’s Oscar Speech

August 31, 2007

There are a number of people that need to be thanked for their contribution to my successful year;

Firstly, my mother and father– for telling me that they didn’t mind if I failed, and that the 15,000 pounds it would have meant down the drain wasn’t a waste because I’d done so well to get so far (liars, but lovely liars).

My Sister for not complaining about the washing up over exams.

My flatmate, for although he cannot cope when I cry, he is very good at preventing it from happening in the first place.

My revision-friend.  She deserves a LOT of credit; I wouldn’t have passed had it not been for the amount of work we put in, and I certainly wouldn’t have done said work had it not been for not wanting to let her down!

Gin, Baileys, and Amaretto, without which this year would have been very dull, and there would have been much less sleep. (edit- it has come to my attention that perhaps my liver does not wish to thank them.)

And last, but not least, Atopic Law Student who listened to me moan, cry, say I was going to fail, and then dragged me out of the flat when revision got too much (to listen to it all over again).  The only way in which he failed was that he did not provide enough gossip for me to live vicariously through him while I was stuck in my room for weeks!

So thank you to them, and thank you to all of you who keep reading this.

London Medicgirl xxx


London Medicgirl defies the odds!

August 24, 2007

At our last exam we’d been told that the exam board met on wednesday and results would be out on thursday. Naturally there was speculation as to WHEN on thursday they would be out, but we all came to the conclusion that it would be around the time they did in March- so about 9.30-10.

Bear in mind we are medical students.

I know I am not the only one who woke up at 5am, as while I supped my coffee and whiled away the hours online, I saw a number of facebook statuses (Yes, I know, I know. I’m a loser) that suggested the same.

Obsessive checking of the emails (on my part) started around 9.

I attempted to watch Grease 2, Ugly Betty, and Friends, but I have a feeling that the world could have been ending out of the front window and I still would have been dashing off to check one-more-time every 2-3 minutes.

I started cursing the Medical School Administration at about 10.

“What are they doing? The lazy &^£^%$ s have been in for an hour!! Don’t they KNOW we’re all panicking.  This is our FUTURE and they’re all having a cup of bloody coffee!”

Other peoples facebook statuses started to get stressed at about 10.30.

To give the medical school credit where credit is due- our administration are actually lovely; even the ones with less of a reputation for kindness have always been friendly and co-operative with me. 

At 11 my mother made me a cup of tea, and I paced around a bit.

On the hour, every hour, I realised everyone was doing what I was doing- thinking “Oh, I bet it’s out NOW!” because the server would suddenly get Alzheimers and go all slow- of course this would immediately make you feel sick, as that usually means you have an email and it’s downloading; today it just meant that 350-odd medical students were checking their emails at exactly the same time.

Results came out at 12.10.

By this time my mother had gone off to do useful things, and my dad had gone out because “All this tension is too much to bear”, so I call my mother into the room as I scan the email, heart in mouth, wanting to vomit.

It is OK.

There are little P’s on the page.

I have not failed.

I do not have to do a directed elective.

I can do a BSc.

I have not wasted £15,000 with nothing to show for it.

I am still a medical student.

I have not come at the top of the year (as if I ever expected to??!!!)  but I am not at the bottom, so although come graduation I may not be working in a good hospital, but at least I will be in a hospital.

This is the point that my dad suddenly magically reappears with a teeny bottle of champagne, so we each have a glass (I’ve not eaten all morning so it goes straight to my head) and then cook lunch; which for me is chips. 

Chips, mayonnaise and champagne.

(A very happy) Medicgirl xxx

Pretty Flowers and Skipping Lambs

July 29, 2007

So I’m revising Puerpural Fever, and I come across “Offensive Lochia”… now, having not done Gyne (that’s next year) and presumably having forgotten if we were ever told what it was, I googled it.  Being a medical student, and therefore somewhat of sick mind, I also thought it could be interesting to have a quick click on Images…. I found it quite amusing that there were just pictures of skipping couples and daffodils.

What’s worse than a bunch of medics in one room?

July 23, 2007

A bunch of pre-exam medics in one room.

Exam-fever has truely hit the medical school, and as such I am ready to kill the majority of my colleagues. 

No. I do not want to listen to a breakdown of what you’ve revised.
No. I do not want to hear all about what you’ve still got left to do.
No. I do not need to know exactly how you’re going to fit this into the coming weeks, or how much you revised today, or yesterday.

There is one thing that I hate more than post-exam analysis, and that is pre-exam analysis.  So, if you’re one of these culprits… next time your msn list looks surprisingly empty, it may not be because everyone is off revising, it is probably because- like me- everyone has blocked you because they really don’t want to know.

On a lighter note…. I bring you Medicine According To My Sister:

“Nephrology would be exciting. Kidneys are cool- they have all those woogly-things in them.”

Medicgirl x

London Medicgirl is unwell

July 22, 2007

So it’s been a rather uneventful weekend- I decided that in order to not get spoiled in regards The Last Harry Potter, I should read it ASAP. It therefore made sense to get that out of the way and give up the necessary time to reading it- hang the revision!

So yesterday was spent rather enjoyably curled up in various places in the flat(I found I rotated depending on my mood), and  punctuated by many phone calls to Atopy Law Student to discuss the book as we both read it on our respective sides of the city. 

I then ended up going out for a friends birthday, and much food was consumed, as well as moderate amounts of alcohol, before I bowed out early on the basis of wanting to come home and sleep (and read a bit more). 

This was when things got interesting.

Weirdly- I was fine before- or I thought I was fine at least… but within about half an hour of getting home I felt like death. I felt sick and my eyes were burning… in the end I did actually vomit, which helped slightly, but I was still left with a temperature- shivering and shaking despite being actually boiling hot.  So I did what any self-respecting medic does when her mother is on holiday and her sister is a hypochondriac, I rang a friend that could do nothing about it, and wimpered down the phone to them.  Surprisingly perhaps, despite a distinct lack of medical literature on the subject, it did actually make me feel better, and I managed to get to sleep afterwards.

This morning I felt a little better- but still not right. I’ve spent much of the afternoon napping, and still feel tired. I guess at least my body is having its little tantrum now and not in three weeks time!

Medicgirl x

London Medicgirl grows up.

July 19, 2007

Something rather disturbing happened to me tonight; I went over to partner-in-crime’s house- another medic- where we revised for a couple of hours and had supper together before going out for another friend’s birthday drinks.

Maybe it was the tiredness. Maybe it was the stress. But I actually had more fun revising than I did once out…  The upshot being we both left together rather early, much to the chagrin and shock of our colleagues, who are more familiar with a more lively gruesome-twosome.

 Still, watch this space, I’m sure once exams are over I’ll be back to normal.

 Medicgirl x

Being Productive?

June 18, 2007

Yesterday I spent a considerable amount of my time actually working- I even decided to do a bit more work post-bath while I had hot chocolate! Admittedly I did also manage to watch a rather significant number of episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” in between all that concientiousness, but still- WORK!!

This is very unusual for MedicGirl and I can only assume that it boils down to the fact that it was a displacement activity.  I was working because I certainly don’t want to be thinking about the next 9 weeks, and perhaps I also definately didn’t want to be tidying my room. Not sure which.

This is probably the first time in my life that I’d rather it be exams, than just normal work- I’m not talking after exams; everyone likes that, i’m talking ACTUAL exams.  The next 9 weeks fill me with dread and it is going to be a case of survival through it rather than anything else.  Which is why I think I’ve decided to bury my head in work so early…