A good sign?

As much as I bitched and moaned last year about the stress and long hours, it has come to my attention that I really miss it.  I walk past the hospital everyday and I find myself gazing into the canteen wistfully- remembering sitting there on quiet evening shifts and during the day after the ward round. 

People I spoke to who also did the clinics-BSc-clinics route agreed that you end up having a different perspective to the pre-clinical lot; they all admitted that they quickly started to miss being in the hospital or on placement.  I guess I’ve hit that point, and as much as it may mean this years drags a bit, at least I know that medicine is at least in some ways right for me!!

Medicgirl xxx


3 Responses to “A good sign?”

  1. unlikelymedico Says:


    where’ve you gone???

  2. Xavier Emmanuelle Says:

    Helloooo? Hellllooooooooo?

    Where have you gone LMG??

  3. Future Doc Says:

    Where’ve you gone? Come back please! Your BSc can’t be that bad

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