This small town…

A friend once said that he would never be able to live in London because it was so big and anonymous; he said he liked his small university town where you couldn’t walk from one side to the other without meeting someone you knew.

Although this is a big city, the fact remains that most students (and especially most medical students) live within a certain area between the three main hospital sites.  It is rare for me to walk home, or wander down one of the main high streets, without at least seeing someone that I acknowledge.

On this note, even though I see people I know a lot, and even though a number of my best friends live on the same walk into University… HOW COME I never bump into them, and instead have to make weird small talk with someone I went to school with and didn’t really like even then?

And also- why, oh WHY do I never bump into Cutemedicboy?!

Medicgirl x


2 Responses to “This small town…”

  1. Harry Says:

    hehehe I thought I bumped into an old uni mate the other day but turned out to be someone who looked very similar. Didn’t stop me going ‘hey D!’ and then pretend I was shouting at someone behind him once I realised…

  2. ditzydoctor Says:

    hullo medicgirl! I HAVE THE SAME COMPLAINTS!!!! (not about the friends part, i have lots of luck with that, fortunately!), but the never bumping into cutemedicboy! 😦 ahhhhh. commiseration 😦

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