A Day In The Life Of…

My alarm usually goes at about 8am, at which point my bleery eyes open and my arm is flug out of bed to silence it.  I go back to sleep to the sounds of my flatmates getting breakfast.

At 8.15 my second alarm goes, and once again I silence it, and go back to sleep.

There is no third alarm because my phone is rubbish.

At about 9 I wake up properly, look at the time, and curse the day my nice alarm clock with a snooze function broke.

I get up, sometimes I go for a run, and I always always have coffee (my coffee is so strong it once made a friend shake).  I then waste time until my lectures- of which there are usual one or two in a day. I wander into Uni, I sit in a lecture room and make notes, and then I come home. Occasionally I swing past a library to get extra reading books out; these books sit on my floor and I tend to return them unread.

Evenings are either taken up with random Uni-Society things I’m a member of, or more wasting of time.  There is some drunkeness on some occasions.  Otherwise, I have supper, I have a bath, I do stretches and random exercises, and I go to bed (after hot chocolate).

Can you tell that I’m LOVING my BSc?

Medicgirl x


3 Responses to “A Day In The Life Of…”

  1. Harry Says:


    sounds a lot like my first year of medicine so for, only that your BSc is probably more detailed and interesting that my course…

    I had 2 hrs today and have absolutely nothing on tomorrow! (Followed by 2hrs Friday) What surprises me is when people can’t even be bothered to go to those!

  2. TheShrink Says:

    Espresso or ristretto, the breakfast of heroes 😉

  3. Ms Ellisa Says:

    You have to be kidding.
    I could use a couple of extra hours in the day just to fit in some proper food and some sleep… You are so very lucky…
    You should savour this sensation.
    REMEMBER this moment.
    Remembah……………….. 🙂

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