Freshers week for the non-fresher.

So, freshers week for me started on the Tuesday- with our Medical Fresher’s Fayre.

Armed with edible goodies we set about trying to entice new meat into the society, and convince them that they really did want to join up!  I actually like the fayre, because despite the fact it is usually held in the most sweaty and humid room of the hospital, it’s a chance to scope out the freshers, and catch up with old friends.

This year we did however forego the three legged pub crawl, and merely retreated to our favourite local pub for drinks while the freshers staggered around the neighbourhood tied to each other and getting progressively more inebriated.

The next morning my course started- needless to say I was a little jaded, but dragged myself in for the customary introductory lectures.

Saturday was a comedy show in the medical student bar- One of my friends was in it, so I was there as moral support (about 1 of 10 non-freshers in a sea of first years!).  Still, for what it lacked at moments in comedy value, it made up for it in spirit and I had a good time- joining them afterwards for drinking that went on long into the night.

Sunday night I rounded up the week with flatmate and old friend, over a pint and a game of cards, in the pub we actually started in on Tuesday.  Alas, despite having had only two days of lectures by this point, I was already behind on the reading…

Medicgirl x


2 Responses to “Freshers week for the non-fresher.”

  1. Harry Says:

    Wow sounds like a good week! We went to a comedy night during Freshers, though the show of hands when asked what years were there showed the newbies in the minority! Awesome night though, thoroughly enjoyed!

    You’re not the only one behind on the reading, though only a few hours a week at the moment means catching up isn’t all that hard!

  2. Dyb Says:

    I love Freshers week the 3rd etc time round, as there are just so many freebies to collect, freshers to misdirect (kidding), more freebies to collect, and societies who offer freebie trips skydiving etc because they think you are a fresher. I never do any of them, but it’s nice to be considered young enough -looking to be a Fresher. I view the whole week as an ego massage.

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