That depressing time of year again…

…When your loan is yet to arrive, but you still have to pay your fees to enroll.

 Yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and stop putting it off- I paid my fees and watched the numbers in my lovely little account, which has now stayed in the black for a whole year (I know! I’m not entirely sure how either),  go shooting down into the negatives. 

I then realised that I have bills to pay this week.  Cue mild panic while I try to work out if I can afford to go swimming tomorrow, let alone get my hair cut.  In the end I left a mildly panicked message on my parents answerphone and went for a run to try and exercise out the stress!  On my return, life was a little less stressful, and my parents had kindly rang to offer me a loan for a few weeks to tide me over until all my finances are running properly again.

On a positive note I have now chosen my modules for the next year- and can’t wait.  Only a week until I start again!

Medicgirl x


2 Responses to “That depressing time of year again…”

  1. Harry Says:

    I know what you mean, yesterday I paid my accom fees and said goodbye to my lovely money.

    Oh and this oyster card is becoming a burdon…

  2. londonmedicgirl Says:

    Heh, oyster can eat away at your money- but from experience- not as much as if you don’t have one!

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