Good friends, Good wine, Good times.

My attempt at baking Challah yesterday went… Ok. 

Without wishing to be a bad bad craftsman and blame my tools, I do rather wonder if this is one of those things where having something along the lines of “Grandmother’s recipe” that has been tried and tested over years, rather than one you randomly pulled off the internet, would have been advantageous. 

In the evening my best friend had a meal for Rosh Hashanah, so I trotted over to her place with my Challah, which despite being rather flat in comparison to the pretty pictures on the website, it went down well and got all eaten up!  All in all a lovely evening- lots and lots of delicious food was consumed, much wine was drunk, and the conversations tended to be along the lines of those great twisty pathways of random thoughts where you suddenly wonder how on earth you ended talking about such-and-such.  We were all good little girls and helped her clean up after, and I even got to bed at a suitable hour because most of them had to be up for work this morning.

Today is meant to be a day of chores and sorting things out, but I’ve just noticed it is 11am and I’m still in pyjamas and drinking my coffee… Somehow I don’t think The Shrink is going to be very impressed with me!

Medicgirl x


One Response to “Good friends, Good wine, Good times.”

  1. The Shrink Says:

    Gah, get yerself up an’ studying, girl 😉

    Glad your recipe worked out, especially after the Government’s wasted more of my money (no, not on students 😉 ) on “research” to tell me that recipes in some cookbooks need folk to be able to have GCSE level English skills.

    And they say it’s my patients who are mad!

    Glad the recipe worked out and a pleasant evening was had by one and all 🙂

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