What to do with all this TIME.

I’m feeling rather adrift.

I have been home; Not only have we had the customary week of the summer where relatives descend en masse to my parents house, I’ve been taken out to dinner in order to celebrate, I have sorted out finances, and even got through the conversation where I told my parents I was returning to London because I was bored out of my skull.  I have survived, even enjoyed myself a little, and returned.

I am still bored out of my skull.

Most of my friends are now either medics or graduates- the graduates are all back home or scattered around doing grown up things like moving in together and getting jobs, and the medics are all off in sunnier climes preparing for the start of clinics again on monday.  I still have two weeks before my BSc starts- I am tempted to actually start reading for my dissertation now, because, well- why the hell not?  I know what I want to do,  it’ll be interesting, and I’ll sure appreciate it when it gets to Christmas and I’ve already started it! (Yes, I know- geek.)

I’m actually a little wary about doing my BSc- I’m excited because it’s something I know I’ll love academically, but I’m in the bizzare situation where all of my long-term friends here are either 4th years now, or just starting clinics.  I guess what it boils down to is I feel a little fish-out-of-water, and I’m concerned I’m not going to make friends- which is stupid, because I generally find it easy to do so.

Ah well, today I am going to meet my sister for coffee, and then we’re hitting the shops so she can use my student discounts!

Medicgirl xxx

ps. It has been asked what BSc I’m doing- I’m currently holding out on answering, as even in a medical school as large as ours, it will pretty much blow my cover!  I would like to request though, that if at any point any of my readers work out who I am- they respect my attempted anonymity.


4 Responses to “What to do with all this TIME.”

  1. The Shrink Says:

    No work to do, but could be studying . . . instead opts for coffee and retail therapy . . . darn students 😉

    Hope you have a good break before you get back in to the thick of it.

  2. Harry Says:

    You could do a little background reading, or download papers that may come in useful for when you start. Don’t do too much now, as you may find yourself running out of steam before you’ve finished (at least that’s what happened with me and my project last year)

  3. Pre-game warm-up. « London Medicgirl Says:

    […] think I shall be taking Harry’s advice, and not going overboard on the pre-reading. I am however going to order a book I want on amazon, […]

  4. Good friends, Good wine, Good times. « London Medicgirl Says:

    […] In the evening my best friend had a meal for Rosh Hashanah, so I trotted over to her place with my Challah, which despite being rather flat in comparison to the pretty pictures on the website, it went down well and got all eaten up!  All in all a lovely evening- lots and lots of delicious food was consumed, much wine was drunk, and the conversations tended to be along the lines of those great twisty pathways of random thoughts where you suddenly wonder how on earth you ended talking about such-and-such.  We were all good little girls and helped her clean up after, and I even got to bed at a suitable hour because most of them had to be up for work this morning. […]

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