London Medicgirl grows up.

Something rather disturbing happened to me tonight; I went over to partner-in-crime’s house- another medic- where we revised for a couple of hours and had supper together before going out for another friend’s birthday drinks.

Maybe it was the tiredness. Maybe it was the stress. But I actually had more fun revising than I did once out…  The upshot being we both left together rather early, much to the chagrin and shock of our colleagues, who are more familiar with a more lively gruesome-twosome.

 Still, watch this space, I’m sure once exams are over I’ll be back to normal.

 Medicgirl x


2 Responses to “London Medicgirl grows up.”

  1. Ms Ellisa Says:

    Yep… It happens… The more you get into medicine, themore it sucks you into it 🙂 Still you can always have fun with it.

  2. Rosieposy Says:

    Sad.. very sad.. I still hate revising.. but it can be fun with friends..

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